Women’s Cell

The Women’s Cell of The IIS University has been actively working for the past decade to address the practical issues related to the welfare and equal opportunities for women faculty members, staff and students. Since the inception of Women’s Studies Centre in 2009Women’s Cell has been the activity branch of the Centre. Women Cell at IISU plays a catalyst’s role for gender sensitization, knowledge sharing and women empowerment. Contributing to the visibility of gender issues, the Cell opens a genuine dialogue among scholars, activists, faculty, staff and students through talks, discussions, counseling and consultation.

The Cell envisages playing a significant role in-

  • Mobilizing on women’s views and perspectives on important social issues.
  • Questioning the existing bias, stereotypical notions and concepts that deny identity and respectable space to women.
  • Assimilating gender consciousness into all systems of knowledge in order to progress towards a true gender sensitive society.