Sessions & Sub Themes

Session I – Women through the Lens of Media

Representations & Manifestations of feminism

 Visible Change in women’s image in media

Alternative media and women

Women & cinema: A close connectivity

Session II- Women and Workplace: Challenges and Opportunities

Work life balance

Rise of women as leaders

Power play: Allocation of powers

Riding the glass escalators

Equal opportunity vs. Discrimination

Session III–Women’s Health:  Significant Concerns 

Menstruation and Menopause Management: Myths and hygiene

Nutrition & Dietary Concerns

Stress & women health

Women’s reproductive health: challenges & remedies

Women’s health & sustainable development

Session IV-Women & Law: Awareness & Apprehensions

Women leadership in law

Women rights & gender equality

Violence against women concerns & awareness

Justice & women

Laws for women & their implementation

Juvenile Delinquency

Session V-Women: Breaking Stereotypes

Women in male dominated areas:  Important issues

Self-representation of women

Women success landings: challenges & motivation

Indian women on the globe

Role of media in empowering women

Reforming society: Women in government and non government sectors