About Conference

The Conference Over the decades the positive journey of women has made the patriarchal societies world over realize the extraordinary potentials of women across cultures. It is clear that women empowerment has been a significant topic of discussion over the globe which aims to create an environment for women where they can take decisions on their own for their personal benefits as well as for the society. Despite the patriarchal structures, women today are successfully taking up diverse professions, to prove that they are second to none in any respect. Through strategies and interventions women are trying to triumph over the challenges they face in their journey. The conference aims to discuss the challenges faced by women in the present time and also debate over the strategies and interventions women have evolved on the path towards empowerment.This conference is an attempt to portray a brighter side of women’s face wherein they wisely excel in the form of entrepreneurs, educationists, lawyers, media professionals, cab drivers, pilots, medical practitioners and various other professionals. Moreover they are representing themselves at the global platform. At the same time women have now entered the offbeat areas which were earlier specifically meant for male fraternity. Women have been at the helm of nation building and it is essential to know their patterns of strategizing.The conference would act as a change agent as the deliberations during the sessions would unquestionably bring out the positive aspects of women’s strengths.